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All of our vendors have a special story, unique history, and great connections to the Island.

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Mauna Kea Tea

Mauna Kea Tea Garden is located on the rainy slope of Mauna Kea, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

 Takahiro and Kimberly Ino, the owners of the tea garden, travelled in Japan and China, and studied green tea and many other types of tea.  Most amazing thing about tea is that they are not only consumed as daily beverage in those tea regions, but closely linked with their unique culture.  This was the beginning of their long journey into the world of tea.

They are determined to produce tea that not only taste good, but it has to be environmentally responsible and heal the earth and our spirit. Taka's interest is in producing green tea that is grown under strict management with NO CHEMICAL PESTICIDE and FERTILIZER.  He believes in building healthy soil life and micro-cosmos in the growing environment, which in turn reduces the occurance of disease and pest problems.

Also current Japanese green tea farming practice is connected with heavy nitrogen pollution due to heavy doses of chemical fertilizer.  Taka approaches this by energizing the soil life to maximize the effectiveness.  He relies on in-farm organic matter to build the soil as much as possible.  

Takahiro Ino is a certified Japanese Tea Instructor .  He is engaged in educating people about quality of tea and goes out to do demonstration of tea preparation as well as teach tea classes to talk about health benefit of green tea.

Come into Under the Bodhi Tree and we will make you a pot of the highest quality tea grown in America. To order the whole leaf we use at Under the Bodhi Tree directly, please visit their website